[nSLUG] Put down your snow shovel, etch is out

Jonathan Anderson jonathan.anderson at ieee.org
Mon Apr 9 16:37:58 ADT 2007

Also, when aptitude pulls in a dependancy package, it marks it 
as "automatically installed". When you remove a package, it also removes any 
dependancies that you no longer need.

I believe that aptitude also installs Suggested packages, not just Required 


On April 9, 2007, Tyler Smith wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 03:37:05PM -0300, D G Teed wrote:
> > Debian 4.0 is now released!  I just noticed apt-get upgrade wanted
> > to throw 800 MB of stuff at me and I suspected this was why.
> >
> > I see lots of reference now in release notes about using aptitude
> > rather than apt-get.  Did I miss something?  Was this suggested
> > before in Debian 3.1 guides or is it part of a new approach?
> >
> > --Donald
> I find the Debian documents are somewhat confusing, in that any
> particular source may be referring to any release from woody to the
> current sid. That said, most of the (apparently) recent docs suggest
> that aptitude is now the preferred interface to apt-get/dpkg et al. I
> think there may have been a minor transition involved between sarge
> and etch, but since I only ran sarge for about a week before switching
> to etch I don't know for certain when it happened.
> As far as actual functionality, I think apt-get does everything
> aptitude does, and probably a bit more, just without the fancy
> display.
> Cheers,
> Tyler

Jonathan Anderson

jonathan.anderson at ieee.org
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