[nSLUG] Ian Murdock to work for Sun

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 20:52:26 ADT 2007

The founder of Debian is joining Sun to
"head up operating system platform strategy".


In the past year I've learned of tools like pca, and
utilized the pkg-get script linked from sunfreeware.com
There have been some excited blog postings about how
great these things are...



Solaris users are using packages and package management
tools from beyond what Sun provides.  On top of that, Sun's suggested
package+patching technology is superseded (the previous method
completely disbanded) about once every 2 years.  So there is lots
of appetite for what Ian and others of like mind might be able to do.
It would be great to see in Solaris something as sensible as Debian's
package management, while at the same time providing the Solaris
rollback feature (works fine, eats up lots of space in /var).

The other end of the spectrum involves Ian possibly helping Linux
to run on more Sun hardware, and that is alluded to in Tim Bray's blog:



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