[nSLUG] Hardware Modem suggestions

artson artson at hotpop.com
Fri Sep 29 16:36:03 ADT 2006

Rick Wightman wrote:
> Greetings,
> Can anyone recommend a hardware modem? There is some urgency, so 
> something that I can buy if necessary is preferable.

Aside from EBay, which takes a little time, a good local source is shops 
which do repair or deal in used equipment. There are quite a few 
Actiontec external serial/USB modems for sale for 15.00 on EBay, and 
they are quite nice; I have one and PCLinux OS even recognizes it on the 
USB line. PCLOS is a modified Mandriva by Tecstar and very slick.

Brilliance Computers on Kempt Road Halifax http://www.brillcom.com/
Rodew Computers Services in Dartmouth http://rodew.ca/index.asp
PCMedic on Akerley Blvd, Dartmouth http://pcmedic.com/dartmouth.html

The people at Brilliance computers are especially knowledgeable and helpful.

You can end up with an internal hardware modem in a PCI slot and still 
have trouble getting your distro to recognize it, so an external modem 
is always preferred.

Good luck.


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