[nSLUG] Dal-ACM Installfest This Saturday

Sean Smith ssmith at cs.dal.ca
Tue Sep 26 14:02:46 ADT 2006

Hey All,

I recently heard that the Dal-ACM is one again holding one of their
installfests this Saturday, and thought I would spread the word
around. Details below.




InstallFest 2006.3
Where? CSB Atrium
When? Noon and onwards (setup starts around 11am),
  Saturday, September 30th
Why?  Because it'll be fun, damn it.

For those who aren't familiar, InstallFest is essentially just a place
for people to get together and experiment with installing new OSs on
their systems.  If you've got a distro you've wanted to try, why not
wait til that weekend, bring your machine in, and do it there?  There's
typically enough gurus hanging around that any problems will quickly be
sorted through.  We also use this event as a kind of outreach, inviting
other students and members of the community at large to bring in their
machines for tech support, or help with a new install.  This is also a
great place to bring in and work on any hardware hacking projects you
may have on the go (like Oliver's famous Roombot).

In addition to the 'install' side of things, we'll have music, video
games, potentially movies and most importantly, BEER.


Chris Hamilton
Dal-ACM Chair


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