[nSLUG] Linux on Laptop and External USB Drive

Sean Smith ssmith at cs.dal.ca
Wed Sep 20 15:41:11 ADT 2006

> You can also resize your windows partitions. But I don't recommend it
> unless you have a commercial tool. I have seen to many failures with
> the open source tools. MS is willing to tell the Ghost and Partion
> Magic authors how NTFS works, but not the GNU coders.

The last time I tried GParted
(http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php) it was to repartition one
of my NTFS, I had no problem. I did, of course, move all information
off of those partitions, and have no idea how it handles with data on
the drive, but merging two empty partitions was basically painless and
I have had no problems with the partition since.




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