[nSLUG] Using chroot to modify mounted "guest" OSes (Was: lost user access in most distros)

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Wed Sep 20 12:48:26 ADT 2006

Ben Armstrong wrote:
> Ben Armstrong wrote:
>> Take care to remember when you're in and when you're out of a chroot
>> shell, since if you forget, you can make mistakes that will damage on or
>> the other systems (or at least cause you a great deal of confusion later
>> -- trust me, I know this from experience :)
> Oops, s/on or/one of/

Er, actually on a *third* read i see I intended to say "one or" not "one
of".  When recently working on a livecd distribution, I spent a good
hour of my time (and my colleagues on irc) trying to figure out what
went wrong in a build of the ISO image, only to discover later that I
had placed the new files for the CD on my development system, not in the
ISO which I had mounted via a loopback device and then chrooted into.  I
was seriously i need of a brown-paper bag when I discovered that little



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