[nSLUG] big problems with Ubuntu

ricardd at mathstat.dal.ca ricardd at mathstat.dal.ca
Tue Sep 19 09:38:26 ADT 2006


> My first guess would be that you've been rootkitted - try "strings
> /sbin/udevplug | less" to see if there's anything suspicious.

Oh lord, I thought that my last root kit taught me a lesson, I've been
running a firewall, a NAT router and using strong passwords.

"strings /sbin/udevplug | less" returns nothing.

I'll try and get the network interface to come up and see if I can
reinstall udev.

I'm afraid to say that I'll be looking at a reinstall if I can't fix this
in the morning, I haven't done any work since yesterday. If anybody
located in Halifax Metro thinks they can help me and save me the
reinstall, I'd be happy to swing by.



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