[nSLUG] big problems with Ubuntu

Daniel Ricard ricardd at mathstat.dal.ca
Mon Sep 18 15:05:50 ADT 2006


Until today, I was very happy with Ubuntu. However, I'm am now having 
problems that are beyond my understanding and I don't want to have to do 
another reinstall. I always seem to need 2 days to get everything back up 
and configured correctly, so if I can avoid that, it would be great.

I used my system over the weekend without a problem. When I turned my 
laptop on this morning, it would stay stuck near the end of the booting 
sequence. I then rebooted in safe mode and logged in using my usual user. 
After logging in, I got "/dev/null/ permission denied" messages in bash 
and had to Ctrl-C to get a prompt. 

It now seems that the permissions on just about everything in /dev/ are 
wrong and I can't get xorg to go up, nor can I get eth0 to work. From what 
I gather from ubuntu mailing lists and forums, a problem with udev might 
be to blame. However, my system is completely up-to-date with 
respect to upgrades and such. The problem now is that I can't connect to 
the internet since eth0 is now working.

I am now at a stage where I do not know what to do to fix this. Again, I 
would really really like to avoid a reinstall. Does anyone have 



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