[nSLUG] Google Earth Linux 4.0 vs video card

billdavidson at eastlink.ca billdavidson at eastlink.ca
Tue Sep 12 10:36:12 ADT 2006


If it says software rendering is active, then your X system is not loading 
the DRM/DRI drivers for your card.  In an xterm type "glxinfo" and look 
for "direct rendering" in the output.  If it says "No" then you aren't 
loading the direct rendering drivers for your card.  Keep in mind this 
requires kernel drivers as well as X drivers.

For example, with my ATI Radeon card, the kernel modules needed are 
agp_gart (and via-agp since I have a VIA motherboard chipset), plus drm 
and radeon.  The X system needs libglx, libGLcore, libdri, libdrm, 
radeon_drv and ati_drv.  Telling Xorg to use the GLX stuff requires the 
following in the "Modules" section of xorg.xonf":

         Load  "glx"
         Load  "dri"

Plus, in the "Device" section, the name of the device driver (in my case, 
Driver "radeon").

One quirk I have found on my system is that while the kernel drivers are 
loaded automatically when I start X, it seems like there is a timing 
problem and direct rendering is disabled even though all the modules 
loaded successfully.  But if I stop and restart X, or if I manually load 
the kernel radeon driver before I start X, direct rendering is enabled.

Now, having said all that, I can't get Google Earth to work properly. 
Direct hardware rendering is enabled, and the application doesn't complain 
about anything, but the picture is garbled so as to be useless.  I could 
try it with ATI's proprietary drivers, but I haven't yet.

On Tue, 12 Sep 2006, David Potter wrote:

> It appears as if Google Earth is not locating/recognizing my video card... 
> has anyone else encountered/solved that irritant?
> On launch I'm getting a "...software rendering is active (no OGL drivers)" 
> indication.
> Fedora 5 is recognizing the video as:  nVidia NVSM64 RIVA TNT2.
> David Potter
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