[nSLUG] Wow, it works!

Doug Kampen dougkampen at eastlink.ca
Sat Sep 9 22:56:57 ADT 2006

Hi everyone...I'll tell ya, I was major worried that it would be more 
than I could do to get this thing installed. Linux has come a long long 
way since slackware 1.1 ;)
I dl'd the PCLinuxos and burnt it to CD. Ran it as live cd for a few 
days and everything seemed to work. Yesterday morning I took the plunge 
and clicked on the install to hd...I resized my partition, created new 
ones, formated them and ran the install...it all worked...the first 
time! I have my mail set up here, my msn (kopete) and firefox..of 
course. I'm listening to my fav radio station from England seeing as I 
have this great steaming software that came for free!
Just wanted to thank everyone for their input.
Wish I could be of some help to others but I'll hang around an who knows 
I might stumble on something that'll help...oh if anyone wants a copy of 
the cd up here in Pictou County, just let me know and I'll meet ya with one.


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