[nSLUG] installing cinelerra on em64t Debian etch

Ryan Neily ryan at webpipe.ca
Fri Sep 8 18:37:20 ADT 2006

I have an Pentium4 em64t box (debian amd64 architecture) on which I have
net installed Debian etch to be used as a multimedia workstation. I do
video editing/filmmaking and 3D Blender work.

I want to install cinelerra the non-linear editing app from Heroine
Warrior (comments I have seen indicate cinelerrra works the best on 64
bit computers). There does not seem to be a deb pkg in Synaptic Package
Manager (which is how I mostly do my installations). There is a tarball
for cinelerra-2.1. 

What would be an install method that is most likely to work without too
much grief?


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