[nSLUG] which linux??

Daniel Ricard ricardd at mathstat.dal.ca
Thu Sep 7 22:55:48 ADT 2006

Hi Doug,
> SO back to my question.which linux do I use?
To is akin to asking 'what wine is best?'

What kind of machine do you have, laptop, desktop, ... ? Do you have 
high-speed internet? What do you use your machine for? 

I run both XP and Linux on a PIII 40GB laptop, so yes, 40GB is plenty. 

Over the last 10 years or so I have used (in no particular order) Red Hat, 
SuSE, Slackware, Debian and Ubuntu (which is Debian-based). I'm currently 
using Ubuntu and I like it. It installed beautifully on my laptop and is easy 
to maintain.

The Dalhousie student chapter of the ACM has been holding regular install 
fests for the past 2 years or so:
I invite you to come to the next one (October probably, Dal ACM folks?) where 
you will be able to install an open source OS of your choice quite painlessly 
and discuss whether Linux is a non standard OS. 
> Thank you all for you input. I never realized there were so many out there
> running "non standard" OS's.

> It has been a while but am getting worried about
> my computer being hacked, I have all my banking info
> and my online business
> info and accounts on this pc
Protection from computer fraud goes beyond the OS your run. My Linux system 
was corrupted by intruders a few months back. Running a Linux machine 
directly on the internet with no firewall and using weak passwords will not 
protect you from anything. The key to computer security is knowledge and 
updates. That being said, Linux is much less susceptible to viruses and 
spyware than Windows. Encryption of sensitive files is also essential.

Am I right in assuming that you are on a dial-up connection? Otherwise, I 
don't see why downloading the iso image would be a problem. I'd be happy to 
mail a freshly-burnt Ubuntu Live CD if you want.



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