[nSLUG] which linux??

rejean chamberland laudire2you at yahoo.ca
Thu Sep 7 22:08:21 ADT 2006

Doug Kampen <dougkampen at eastlink.ca> wrote: Ok, wow...didn't know there were so many distros out there! I have bigddaddy
on cd now and it works with everything except my webcam...go figure...I'm
going to try a few more before I decide and repartition my hd. How much
space do you need now?? 40 gig enough? 
Thank you all for you input. I never realized there were so many out there
running "non standard" OS's. 
On another topic...anybody know a guy named Cam Kelly? He got me started in
all this long ago, just wondering if he's still kicking around these
Thanks Again

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distro=puppy linux 2.xx

--- Doug Kampen  wrote:

> Hi all,
> New here, use to use linux when working with the
> military in the weather
> office in Halifax dockyard.It has been a while but
> am getting worried about
> my computer being hacked, I have all my banking info
> and my online business
> info and accounts on this pc. I'm currently running
> winxp (came with the
> system) and want to keep it for the kids when they
> are here on the weekends.
> I have a copy of Norton Partition Magic (full retail
> copy) so can cut up the
> hd as much as I want.within reason.I have about 60
> gig free space right now.
> SO back to my question.which linux do I use? A
> commercial copy or a free
> one? Where do I get it? I've been trying to dl a
> copy but it's taking 3 days
> so far and only have the first 3 disk iso's. 
> Help! ;)
> Doug
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nSLUG mailing list
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nSLUG mailing list
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Hi Doug!
I would also go with rolanaj's advice and try a few live-cd's if you can access them using your modem.
But since you have BigDaddy then I would go with her second advice and go for this one. Once you have installed it EVERYTHING should have been figured out if you take your time answering the questions.
I have 8 distros installed right now and it is by far the best, fastest and most reliable.
As far as space is concerned it just depend on how much saving, multimedia work, games you are into.  I can run just about any distro in less than 5 GB but then I don't have much  empty space left for saving. It works fine, no problem there.
So, as I said, I  would follow rolanaj's advice! 
P.S. Glad to see some newcomers on this newsletter to keep the veterans on their toes.

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