[nSLUG] which linux??

J. Paul Bissonnette jpaulb at eastlink.ca
Thu Sep 7 18:16:34 ADT 2006

I am using Debian, you can get it as a network installation from 


Doug Kampen wrote:

> Hi all,
> New here, use to use linux when working with the military in the 
> weather office in Halifax dockyard…It has been a while but am getting 
> worried about my computer being hacked, I have all my banking info and 
> my online business info and accounts on this pc. I’m currently running 
> winxp (came with the system) and want to keep it for the kids when 
> they are here on the weekends. I have a copy of Norton Partition Magic 
> (full retail copy) so can cut up the hd as much as I want…within 
> reason…I have about 60 gig free space right now…
> SO back to my question…which linux do I use? A commercial copy or a 
> free one? Where do I get it? I’ve been trying to dl a copy but it’s 
> taking 3 days so far and only have the first 3 disk iso’s.
> Help! ;)
> Doug
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