[nSLUG] which linux??

Doug Kampen dougkampen at eastlink.ca
Thu Sep 7 18:02:21 ADT 2006

Hi all,

New here, use to use linux when working with the military in the weather
office in Halifax dockyard.It has been a while but am getting worried about
my computer being hacked, I have all my banking info and my online business
info and accounts on this pc. I'm currently running winxp (came with the
system) and want to keep it for the kids when they are here on the weekends.
I have a copy of Norton Partition Magic (full retail copy) so can cut up the
hd as much as I want.within reason.I have about 60 gig free space right now.

SO back to my question.which linux do I use? A commercial copy or a free
one? Where do I get it? I've been trying to dl a copy but it's taking 3 days
so far and only have the first 3 disk iso's. 

Help! ;)


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