[nSLUG] Book recommendation?

Warren Robertson robertsw at dal.ca
Mon May 29 09:24:36 ADT 2006

The Linux documentation site www.tldp.org has a lot of info plus pdf
books. The site for whichever distro you use is recommended.

I've always found it best to go to the book store knowing a problem
you've had and solved. Pick up each book and look for the answer to the
problem. If it makes sense to you it's probably talking at your level,
if not, keep looking. Also one book doesn't usually cut it. I have two
or three I use all the time: Red Hat Fedora Linux 3, Linux
Administrator's Handbook, and Unix in Plain English ($10 on a Flea
Market table).

On Fri, 2006-05-26 at 16:43 -0300, Stephanie Mayfield wrote:
> I am primarily a Windows user, however I find myself in charge of a
> network which includes several varieties of unix (RH, CentOS).
> I'm thinking my pocket Unix for Dummies isn't going to enough to get
> me through until a replacement net admin is hired.  Can anyone
> recommend a decent book primarily centered around troubleshooting -
> something along the "hacks" or "cookbook" line of thinking. 
> Thanks!
> Steph
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