[nSLUG] Is commercial linux support worthwhile?

Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Sat May 27 14:14:46 ADT 2006


We are studying options for a Linux to take over where FreeBSD
has run core Internet operations.  There is some suggestion that we
would be better off with a commercial Linux such as Redhat or Suse
so that when someone leaves or goes on vacation, there is
still some way to handle difficult problems.

I have never used commercial support from Redhat or others
in the Linux field.  Can anyone compare their quality to say
posting in a forum or a mailing list like this one and getting
help, possibly the same day or sooner?

Has anyone heard of a company that sells Linux support of
Debian as a service?  Canonical was mentioned in the Debian
user's mailing list, but on Canonical's page they only say Ubuntu
so I've emailed that company about the options available.



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