[nSLUG] Slow DVD Burn

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Tue May 23 13:10:56 ADT 2006

Have another Puff had a slow burning DVD

Some items to check.
 1)  All HD should be on separate IDE controllers from DVD or CD 
 2)  Make sure the DVD is the last physical device on the cable and is  
jumpered to master.
    3)  Make sure you are using an 80 conductor 40 pin IDE cable with the 
DVD   burner.
    4)  Need better than 800MHz CPU to do justice to DVD burning.  2.0 
GHz Pentium equivelant preferred.
    5)  512Mb or more RAM with system buffers set large.  Compile time 
    obscure option.
    6)  Have enough swap to accommodate a shortfall of RAM
    7)  Run the NERO speed test to see how fast it can really write with 
your  DVD burner and the media you are using.  What is the brand/model of 
the  DVD burner you are using?  What is the brand / speed of the media 
you are  using?
    Do 1 to 3 first then 7  before worrying about CPU speed which you 
can't easily or cheaply change.

   Hope these suggestions help.
   Jim Haliburton

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