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Thu May 4 19:53:03 ADT 2006

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Disclaimer: I used to work for Aliant Broadband but have since moved on.

I'm also interested in the problems others have had with Aliant PPPoE
since I haven't had any significant problems with the service in over
4 years.   I've had Aliant DSL in 3 residential locations and two
business locations.  Accept for a couple of early incidents a few
years ago I've been pleased with the performance and IP address
stability.  Most of the issues I had were related to inexperienced
Aliant technicians.

These days my IP remains stable for weeks at a time, typically only
changing when I prompt the change myself.  As for the DNS, I have to
agree, there have been several hard-to-swallow interruptions,
inappropriate for a telco.

Most friends of mine that have Rogers cable have had no fewer issues.
Here's where I have to point out that I'm actually in NB, and maybe my
experience is due to the superior history of NBTel.

Anyhoo, are all the complaints I hear from NS?  are they based on
recent experience or old bitterness?


Jeff Warnica wrote:

>The last time my Aliant pppoe connection was reset was 9 days ago. It
>may not be telco grade, but compared to what? The voice and data service
>that relies on the kindness of people, in emergencies including
>prolonged power outages, not to walk away with unguarded, man-portable,
>Have all you configurations been in the same geographic area?
>On Thu, 2006-04-20 at 16:34 -0300, Jim Haliburton wrote:
>>Aliant and many telco PPPoE have bugs particulalry with fragmented
>>packets. There is a patch / hack to overcome this. The Linux box can
>>connect directly to the modem but the work around for the packet
>>fragmentation fixes it and must be used. If I had the link to the fix I
>>would post it. Don't have it now.
>>I always suggest that if Eastlink is available then it is the much
>>preferred provider. Technical support with Aliant is spotty, the email
>>servers are bell-nexia in Ontario. The DNS and other servers ( e.g.
>>authentication servers ) at Aliant have had several, many hours long, (
>>one over 6 hours ) outages over the last 12 months. Their internet
>>service is NOT telco grade. Their residential terms of service used to
>>have, and may still have, a prohibition against keep alives or such steps
>>as checking for e-mail every 5 minutes to keep the connection up. It is
>>NOT an always there service. It requires a login and reacquisition of IP
>>after a time out period. The IP is always changing as frequently as
>>every 10 minutes on their old pre-PPPoE service. Generally for the same
>>bandwidth it is more expensive.
>>Executive conclusion: If there is an alternate provider, USE IT.
>>The above rant is based on installing configuring and fixing litterally
>>dozens and dozens of connections with each provider.
>>Jim Haliburton
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