[nSLUG] Hardware modem not detected by Ubuntu 5.04/ 2.6 kernel

Jeff 'n Joan jnj at basicisp.net
Fri Mar 31 17:29:27 AST 2006

Thanks for the reply Rich. 
I couldn't find a file(or anything similar) called serial.conf in /etc
on my RH9 distro.

Typing grep -r tty* in terminal as root just causes terminal to hang( it
doesn't do anything and doesn't return to prompt.

I was hoping to see what RH9 said so I could make Ubuntu do the same.

I didn't load Ubuntu to try your suggestions since it takes so long to
install and then reinstall RH9 when it doesn't work.

Perhaps I'll wait until the June Installfest and let someone take a
crack at it. Hopefully I won't miss this one.



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