[nSLUG] Re: Booting FreeBSD 6.0

Kevin Fleming kfleming at accesswave.ca
Tue Mar 21 13:53:01 AST 2006

Hello Stephen:

	Thanks for the tips for getting it to boot into BSD.  I ended up using
one of the tools in Mandriva to edit the boot loader I use, grub.  I
added an entry to the device listed as sda1, which is the device as
detected by Linux, and it now boots the installation of BSD.  I seem to
have a few problems but now that I can boot the drive I should be able
to solve any other problems as they come up.  I'll try not to bother
anyone too much with any silly problems, and do my best to solve them by
looking up the answers for myself, but if I get really stuck I may end
up putting a few other messages up here.  

	The entry for chainloader +1 was what I needed, and addressing the
drive as sda1 was part of the answer to the problem.  Thanks again.
I'll try to update a few messages now and again as I make some progress
with the installation and configuration if anyone has any interest.  I
am looking forward to getting it up and running fully.  Working on the
problems now.  Thanks again for the tips!  I will be looking at the
FreeBSD handbook and reading up on it also.  

Kevin Fleming                 .~.
kfleming at accesswave.ca        /V\
Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia     /( )\
Canada B0J 1N0               ^^-^^


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