[nSLUG] Re: Booting FreeBSD 60.0

Kevin Fleming kfleming at accesswave.ca
Sun Mar 19 16:35:29 AST 2006

Hello Everyone:

	Well, it turns out that BSD seems to number drives in a bit different
manner, and the drive IS detected by the installation process as ad4,
and the FDISK went well.  I installed the bootloader on the MBR of the
disk in question, and now when I try to boot FreeBSD with the code 

title FreeBSD60
root (hdX,0,a)
kernel /boot/loader

as one of the selections in grub, the error message that 'Selected drive
does not exist' keeps coming up, no matter the number I try to use in
the hd setting area, except of course 0 which is my linux partition.  I
mentioned earlier that Mandriva finds it and posts it as sda in the
hardware list, so could it be that I need to use 'root (sdX,0,a)'
instead of the 'hdX' setting?  I am not able to get the thing to boot
BSD.  Unless of course someone tells me that I should have set the drive
as 'bootable' in FDISK as well as putting the bootloader on the MBR of
the drive.  

	Do I need to do a total reinstall, or can I fix this problem without
having to re-install the whole magilla.  Not that it takes all that
long, but it still would be nice to just boot the OS and get it to run!
I would be grateful for any help anyone might have, or any suggestions
as to how to get this somewhat obstreperous beast to boot.  

	Or am I looking at it from the wrong end and there just isn't any
device driver to run the beast or something? How is it the installation
process sees the drive, the OS installs, then grub totally refuses to
see the device?  Can anyone point me in a direction that will get me to
where I am going, please?

Kevin Fleming                 .~.
kfleming at accesswave.ca        /V\
Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia     /( )\
Canada B0J 1N0               ^^-^^


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