[nSLUG] Re: Installing FreeBSD 6.0

Kevin Fleming kfleming at accesswave.ca
Sun Mar 19 11:53:17 AST 2006

Hello Everyone:

	Okay, the confusion begins.  I read up on the docs that are offered in
the first screen of the BSD install, and made sure my system was pretty
vanilla, or had at least mostly common components for ease of
installation.  I had a small snag WRT the power supply, which had no
SATA power connectors, and the new drive I bought had only the flat
style connectors of the SATA variety, and no four-pin connector for
power as the older SATA1 variants used to have.  I found a connector for
the power supply and put that in to the box, and hooked up the drive.
It came up as expected, and is listed in Linux as 'sda' in the hardware
listing of the Mandriva control panel.  

	When I booted the DVD for installation of FreeBSD, it came up with a
screen for selecting the drive you want to use for installation, and
listed ad0 and ad4 as drives available for use.  Does BSD make any
unusual choices when it comes to drive numbering schemes?  Or is my idea
that ad4 is the drive I wish to use as the installation drive correct?
And that I should simply use the 'All' selection to allow the
installation to put a 'default' drive slicing pattern on the drive?  

	I hope I am not making any stupid assumptions here, as I would truly
hate to find myself in the situation where I have pooched my main drive
and deleted the whole bloody Linux install and put FreeBSD over top of
everything, and not even touched my SATA drive in the process.  I am
first going to make a backup DVD of all my files in the /home
directories that I think may be of use, then proceed with the
installation of BSD on the ad4 drive.  

	Please let me know if I have made a bad choice, or any other caveats
that I may need to have an awareness of!  I appreciate your feedback
Stephen, and I have taken your advice about alternate booting methods
into mind.  I am hoping that the BSD installer has not made any weird
assumptions about the drives, and is not confused by the combination of
EIDE and SATA drives.  If anyone has any advice for me about this or any
thing they may have experience with about the BSD's, feel free to call
me directly, at the number listed below.  I would be most happy to
discuss this topic on the phone, which may be a much faster means of
information transfer vice emails to the list which may or may not be
reachable if I do something dumb and format my linux install! ;-)  

Kevin Fleming                 .~.
kfleming at accesswave.ca        /V\
Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia     /( )\
Canada B0J 1N0               ^^-^^


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