[nSLUG] Coming to Halifax

Oliver Doepner o.doepner at web.de
Fri Mar 17 19:15:18 AST 2006


Miles Thompson schrieb:
> Welcome. I'm an occasional Linux user and not v. skilled.

Thank you for the welcoming email!

> NSLUG does not hold meetings, probably the next event will be the 
> Installfest hosted by the Dal ACM in June.

I see. And what about the "CEOS Halifax" conference in June. Will some
of you be present there? Or is the Installfest part of the conference?

I read about the conference on the website http://ceos.dal-acm.ca/
and I think it appeals to me and I'd like to attend it.

> Nevertheless, everyone you see on the list is sociable and willing to
> chat if possible. So, when you get here, why don't you post to the
> list suggesting a time/date/place to meet you.

That sounds like a good idea. I will do that in May after I have arrived.

> Recognize that many people in NSLUG's membership do not have cars or
> are university students so somewhere in downtown Halifax is a better
> bet. Your girlfriend will have suggestions.

We will be living not far from downtown Halifax anyway and I'll probably
have a bike to go places. We don't have a car either.

I have been to Halifax a couple of times but never to any of the

Also I haven't found many Linux related IT shops or companies in Halifax
so far (by looking on the web). The only ones I found were 
http://www.halifaxit.com/ and the local branch of 

Can you think of any other local company doing primarily Linux and/or
Open Source related business?




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