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Havea Notherpuff haveanotherpuff at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 18:53:27 AST 2006

I was looking at the puppy linux page and they have a article there about
using vmplayer with puppy linux,but for that matter puppy linux loads
into ram and it is super fast,they also have a multisession live cd or
dvd(dvd ir recommened though,-dvd),I have tried it and it works pretty
good ,I am not very experienced with linux thoughmbut it is pretty fast when

loaded into ram like it does,it is only 60mbs so you do not need much ram
either,and when your done it will ask you if you want to save your session
and if yes it will save all the changes and  stuff you have done,works
good. Might not be what you are looking for but it is a very nice working os
for it's size.

On 3/14/06, Logan Attwood <attwoodl at sardash.net> wrote:
> >If you really want to learn Linux, I suggest you
> >do what many of us geeks do: plunk down
> >a few bucks for older computer hardware so
> >you have a safe sandbox for learning by doing.
> Isn't there a VMWare Viewer Player available with various distributions
> installed? But having your own machine to do it on is much more of a
> rewarding experience, when you have to figure out what obsecure hardware
> is
> in that old box.
> Logan
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