[nSLUG] Coming to Halifax

Miles Thompson miles at allnovascotia.com
Fri Mar 17 17:13:31 AST 2006


Welcome. I'm an occasional Linux user and not v. skilled.
NSLUG does not hold meetings, probably the next event will be the 
Installfest hosted by the Dal ACM in June.

Nevertheless, everyone you see on the list is sociable and willing to chat 
if possible. So, when you get here, why don't you post to the list 
suggesting a time/date/place to meet you. Recognize that many people in 
NSLUG's membership do not have cars or are university students so somewhere 
in downtown Halifax is a better bet. Your girlfriend will have suggestions.

Regards - Miles Thompson

At 07:10 AM 3/17/2006, you wrote:

>Hi there,
>my name is Oliver Doepner and I'm going to live in Halifax from May
>until October 2006. I usually live in Germany at but I'm going to visit
>my Canadian girlfriend in Halifax and live with her for 5 months.
>I am a GNU/Linux enthusiast (mostly Debian and Kubuntu) but I also work
>as a Java Software Developer at www.iku-ag.de. I'm interested in what's
>going on in Halifax in terms of Open Source / Free Software and I'd be
>happy to meet the local LUG members and have some chats. :)
>I came across the NSLUG site and thought the mailing list might be good 
>starting point.
>Maybe you could give me some idea of how things are run and done in your
>group and how to get involved.
>Some information about me can be found here: 
>nSLUG mailing list
>nSLUG at nslug.ns.ca

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