[nSLUG] Re: Booting FreeBSD under grub

Kevin Fleming kfleming at accesswave.ca
Thu Mar 16 13:00:23 AST 2006

Hello Everyone:

	I am currently adding a SATA drive to my main workstation, and I plan
on using it for a test bed for different 'nix and Linux kernels.  I have
done some reading on the net about getting FreeBSD 6.0 to boot under
grub, and it looks comparatively easy. (I hope! ;-) )  

	As I said, I am using grub for a boot loader on a single boot
workstation at present, which boots Mandriva 2006.0 Free.  Mandriva has
all updates and is running without any problems.  What I am wondering is
how grub will do when it comes to booting FreeBSD. 

	I have the grub code entry which I believe will boot BSD, and it goes

		title FreeBSD-6.0
		root (hd1,0,a)
		kernel /boot/loader
		(end code)

	From what I have been able to gather from various sources, this seems
to be the entry that will allow grub to boot the BSD installation I am
planning on the second hard drive in the system.  Of course I don't know
if the drive will actually be numbered as hd1 or will end up as
something else, but that shouldn't be much of a problem once I know
where it lives on the hardware tree.  What I am wondering is if this
will work as advertised, or would it perhaps be better to allow the
FreeBSD bootloader to install over grub and use it instead, and will the
bootloader from BSD see and install the proper entries to allow me to
boot Mandriva on hd0 and BSD on hd1 (or whatever it ends up being)?

	If anyone has any caveats, or other ideas that may work better, please
let me know.  I am open to any constructive comments as to how I might
get this thing off the ground.  BTW, I have been using Linux since '98
and I consider myself fairly well versed in most aspects.  I am
branching out to give myself a bit of exposure to other variants of some
of the 'nixes.  Any words of wisdom or other comments will be welcomed. 


Kevin Fleming

kfleming at accesswave.ca

21 Winterhill Road
RR#1 Site 18 Box 18
Lower East Chezzetcook 
Nova Scotia B0J 1N0
Registered Linux User# 197985


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