[nSLUG] write permission on external USB HD

ricardd at mathstat.dal.ca ricardd at mathstat.dal.ca
Wed Mar 15 21:24:57 AST 2006

At 30GB, storage was starting to be an issue on my IBM T23 laptop (half
NTFS, half EXT3, dual boot XP/Kubuntu). So I bought a 200GB Maxtor USB
external drive from Staples for storing media files and such.

I boot kubuntu after turning the drive on, and it appears on the KDE
desktop. It is mounted read only but I'd like to be able to write to the
drive from Linux. I am a bit puzzled about how to go about doing this.
Some threads I've come across on linuxquestions.org suggested using a
FAT32 file system instead of NTFS. Do I really have to reformat the drive
to FAT32, or is there a way to make an NTFS partition read-write? Answers,
comments and suggestions welcome.

Also, in response to Bob
> Does this group ever have install clinics or other user meetings?
> What do you guys do at the install fest - strictly install?

as Jack mentioned, there have been three installfests on the Dal campus in
the last year. In my opinion they have been very good. I think that what
you end up doing during an installfest is really up to your goals. No
agendas and schedules are followed but plenty of good help is available.
The ACM folks had Kubuntu install CDs available for free last time, as
well as some O'Reilly books. Personally, I ended up tweaking my system on
the laptop and did an upgrade on a Sun box. Two of my work colleagues also
attended and each did a fresh install and dual-boot setup on their
laptops. Other folks pursue esoteric electronics feats that almost defy
description, so I'll leave it for you to witness at the next installfest.



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