[nSLUG] In search of a lost interrupt

Rick Wightman wightman at nb.sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 14 16:11:00 AST 2006


Last fall I wrote of woes with an FC4 install on a Netfinity 5500. I  
didn't resolve the problem before I got side-tracked to other  
pressing issues. The topics has returned now that I've acquired  
another that exhibits the same problem.

Some digging through the various windows at install reveals that it  
loads the ips driver finds the ServeRAID card, all of the drives  
correctly as well as the processors. From there it reports:

ide-cd cmd 0x28 timed out
hda DMA interrupt recovery
hda lost interrupt.

So something causes the cd interrupt to be lost.

I booted without acpi:

boot: linux acpi=off


boot: linux noacpi

without any success (same problem).

I would appreciate any thoughts on how to remedy this.


Rick Wightman


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