[nSLUG] vserver problems

Bradley Hazelton bradley at bradnet.net
Tue Mar 14 02:13:52 AST 2006

Hi gang!

Has anyone used vserver to any extent? I'm trying to set up some virtual 
servers using vserver on a server I have out there. I have the kernel 
compiled and working, the utilities installed, but I cannot seem to make 
the guest template.

I'm using Gentoo, to make things more interesting.

Here's what I get when I try to make the template:
mainserv bradley # vserver-new gentoo-template   --hostname gentoo   
--context 1253   stage3 /stage3-pentium4-20060228.tar.bz2
 * Selected arch not supported, or profile does not exist!
 * Type vserver-new --help for details

The server is a celeron 2.4, and I have tried the Pentium4, i686 and x86 
stage3 files (the ones made for vserver)

Has anyone seen this error before? --help did not help one bit.


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