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I am the same Dr. Bob.


About 15 years ago I got into Unix because I was trying to computerize my
office. I spent literally hundreds of hours with it and gained only minimal
proficiency. We eventually did implement  unix box server solution and have
since migrated to Linux but all this has been done for us by our software
provider. I have not worked the command line since.


Recently I became interested in an open source EMR (electronic medical
record) project. I decided to install debane so I could look at it. The
result of this enterprise led me to where I am today (trying to do surgery
to use your analogy). It’s painful but it forces you to learn and especially
to learn what you don’t know. I mentioned in an earlier post that I crashed
my wife’s windows with an attempted grub install. 


After reinstalling windows and loosing some though thankfully not all of her
data I was banished from the computer room. I decided that I would try to
install on an IBM think pad. Like a good little dobee I used the IBM
recovery program and backed everything up. I made a recovery disk and
decided to try it to make sure it would boot before doing anything else. The
system crashed when I booted from the disk! Is it any wonder that success at
the poles eludes me!


The system was an upgraded wXPpro and therefore on a ntfs partition. I can
see it with KNoppix but the windows directory is nowhere in evidence. 


You can write to nfts with a program called Captive-nfts. It uses windows
drivers that you have to download from SP1.  Previously write capabilities
with Linux were absent or limited or risky at best.


I have tried several available recovery programs based on Linux. I have read
about Bart PE but have not tried it. I think it is DOS or Windows based is
that right?


I could simply wipe the disk and reinstall and try a dual boot. I have a
couple of more laptops left to fry so I’m not stranded. But I think the
exercise is helping me get back into the Linux world. Now if I could only
get back into Linda’s computer room! Maybe chocolates or flowers would help.


Thanks for the help. Where do you live?





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Are you Dr. Bob?  The federal P.C. Candidate in Kings-Hants?

Linux does some amazing things beyond retreiving data
from broken Windows boxes.

The last time I checked, writing to NTFS in Linux
was only possible with the exact same size file
overwriting the existing file.  This is rarely going to
be the case.

I believe those wishing to become surgeons have to
practise as a GP for awhile before they work as 
a surgeon.  Its kinda like that with computer techie
stuff.  If you start out using Linux for critical tasks,
rather than getting to know it first as a normal OS
which has some nice tools on board, you can
expect to see some deaths.  I don't know for certain
if that was how you came to see Linux as being
useful, but based on what you've said, it sounded possible.

My recommendation is that you seek out a tool
(on the Internet) known as Bart PE.  It is the
rescue disk that Microsoft could have made but didn't.
I'm not going to expand on that as it is off topic for our group.

I hope this helps.


On 3/12/06, Bob Mullan <HYPERLINK
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I'm new to Linux and glad to find a LUG in N.S. Is there anyone in the
Kentville area that might be willing to help a struggling beginner? I fried
my wifes windows trying to do a dual boot install of Debane. Now I'm
experimenting with Knoppix, trying to repair an XP pro installation that
blew up on an IBM lap top (nothing to do with Linux install in this case).


I need to write to NTFS so I downloaded the files from SP1 for Captive-ntfs.
Although I can make the volume appear writable in Knoppix (with settings
resident on a USB key drive) I cannot actually write anything to it. I think
I must be mounting the drive incorrectly.


Does this group ever have install clinics or other user meetings?




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