[nSLUG] Rails and mysql

Bill Davidson bdavidso at supercity.ns.ca
Fri Mar 10 12:05:21 AST 2006


On Fri, 2006-10-03 at 11:20 -0400, Chris Jordan wrote:
> Actually problem 1 isn't a problem. RoR automatically pluralizes the 
> model name and looks for the pluralize table name. It is part of the 
> coolness in RoR :D

I'm not sure I'd call that "coolness" so much as "confusion", but OK.
(What would happen if you called your "model" "Members" -- would it call
the table "Memberses"?)

Oh, in case it isn't obvious, I assume RoR stands for "Ruby on Rails",
and I have heard of that, but I have no idea what it is...

Bill Davidson
bdavidso at supercity.ns.ca


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