[nSLUG] Administrivia: Wiki changes

Paul wes902 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 09:07:08 AST 2006

Hi everyone;

 After spending time with MoinMoin, nSLUG has moved to MediaWiki[1].
The change was made for a few reasons. MediaWiki will allow for fine
grain control over access rights/security, it has a lot of development
behind it, and it's just visually appealing.

 Also with MoinMoin much of the site was set to protected due to the
nature of Wiki security and unable to back out of changes quickly and
easily. This removed most of the "community" nature of the Wiki and
stifled any growth.

Security restrictions:
-The only protected page is the sponsors page and related company logo's.
-Anonymous editing is disabled. Create a user account to add pages or edit any.

In closing have fun and edit away!

[1] - http://www.mediawiki.org/

on behalf of admin at nslug.ns.ca


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