[nSLUG] overview DB and inn

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Tue Mar 7 12:09:08 AST 2006

On Tue, 2006-03-07 at 11:06 -0400, Scott Walker wrote:
> Ok So Spend $35 bucks and pick up a 8G SCSI Drive. It's not rocket
> science. Or come to my house, I got a stack of 30 8G scsi (Seagate
> mostly) a handfull of 50G SCA, and a couple 73G 80pin SCA.
> So before you give me a lesson in SCSI vs IDE If your fighting with a 8G
> drive that's not cutting it anymore. Isn't it a waste of time trying to
> make it work? Why not spend a little money and fix the problem instead
> of band aiding. What I'm really sick of DOP is SA's trying to band-aid
> without fixing the solution the proper way.


I have to agree with DOP on this. Servers should always be SCSI. IDE is
fine for low-usage server, or a desktop.  A few years ago, I remember
when DataGeneral was moving towards IDE drives, that changed after the
first year or so, when they went back to SCSI.  I remember getting into
discussions with their FE. He said, the drives start out great, but
overall usage the heads give out.  So, he ended up replacing all the IDE
drives with newer Ultra SCSI drives.

I miss the old server room.  I loved the Compaq servers, the hot swap
drives, power supplies, and NICs were pretty cool.  I had Linux running
on a Dual Xeon with a 40GB DAT - that was fun.  

Dop, I'll check with one of my friends, he runs a few Sun servers at
home (hehe), he may be selling a external cabinet.  The Claiiron
cabinets were nice, I think it allowed 2 or 4 SCSI channels (been
awhile), you might get a deal on older cabinets.




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