[nSLUG] overview DB and inn

Dop Ganger nslug at fop.ns.ca
Tue Mar 7 11:45:13 AST 2006

On Tue, 7 Mar 2006, Scott Walker wrote:

> Ok So Spend $35 bucks and pick up a 8G SCSI Drive. It's not rocket
> science.

8GB drives are not available at a reasonable price (in the production 
world, second-hand equipment is not used, as a rule).

> Or come to my house, I got a stack of 30 8G scsi (Seagate
> mostly) a handfull of 50G SCA, and a couple 73G 80pin SCA.

And what sort of warranty do you offer on those? In Donald's case, how 
should he explain to his boss that he saved his organisation a couple of 
hundred dollars but can't say when he can get a replacement, when there 
are 50 users complaining that they can't get access to the service?

> So before you give me a lesson in SCSI vs IDE If your fighting with a 8G 
> drive that's not cutting it anymore. Isn't it a waste of time trying to 
> make it work? Why not spend a little money and fix the problem instead 
> of band aiding. What I'm really sick of DOP is SA's trying to band-aid 
> without fixing the solution the proper way.

I don't think you're quite getting my point. Low-end solutions are fine 
for home use, but when it comes to production, industrial grade use things 
like warranty, time to replace and MTBF are a factor. Simply saying "look, 
big IDE drives are cheap, just put one of those in" doesn't work 
particularly well. Putting an IDE drive in because it's big and cheap is, 
as you say, band-aiding without fixing the solution the proper way. The 
proper way is a matter for debate; if I were doing it myself, I would 
probably be looking at either a rackmount enclosure or a SAN.

I have a suspicion that the hardware Donald is using may not even be able 
to use IDE drives, in addition to my other comments.

Cheers... Dop.


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