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Scott Walker crimson at unspeakable.org
Tue Mar 7 11:06:38 AST 2006

Ok So Spend $35 bucks and pick up a 8G SCSI Drive. It's not rocket
science. Or come to my house, I got a stack of 30 8G scsi (Seagate
mostly) a handfull of 50G SCA, and a couple 73G 80pin SCA.

So before you give me a lesson in SCSI vs IDE If your fighting with a 8G
drive that's not cutting it anymore. Isn't it a waste of time trying to
make it work? Why not spend a little money and fix the problem instead
of band aiding. What I'm really sick of DOP is SA's trying to band-aid
without fixing the solution the proper way.

Dop Ganger wrote:
| On Mon, 6 Mar 2006, Scott Walker wrote:
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|> Couldn't have said it better myself. Why bother wasting time
|> researching. By reading your post, and the little blurb about OVDB and
|> it's storage requirements. IF 8G is Causing you grief. Spend $60 and
|> pick up a 80G And Save yourself years of grief. Take $120, buy to 80's
|> and raid them. I'm assuming because it's a NNTP server you have your
|> spool on it's own disk, so breaking it off spending 10-15 mins swaping a
|> drive, partitioning a disk, and moving the old data back. Should be a
|> rather trivial task.
| Where can you find industrial grade drives for $60? All I can find for
| that price are cheap, consumer grade IDE drives. 72 gig 10KRPM U320 hot
| swap HP drives are currently going for (if you search hard enough)
| around CDN$300. Since Donald is in academia, I would hazard a guess that
| he's using Sun gear. Third party 72 gig 10KRPM U320 drives (non
| hot-swap) are going for around $240. If an external enclosure is
| required, then a rackmount enclosure will start at around $4000 (last
| time I looked, anyway).
| Not picking on you personally, Scott, but this attitude I see of "just
| add more hard drives because it's cheap, look how cheap they are on
| Robotnik's page" gets a touch irritating. I have several SCSI drives
| running 24x7 that are over 10 years old. I don't think any of my IDE
| drives are more than 4 years old, they usually die long before that -
| especially if you put any sort of load on them (and NNTP servers are
| notorious for the amount of load they can put on a storage subsystem).
| There's a marked difference between consumer grade hardware and
| industrial grade hardware, and the price tag generally reflects that.
| Any savings you make going with IDE are usually lost the first time you
| have an extended outage while you replace a drive and wait for the RAID
| array to resync, in my experience.
| Cheers... Dop.
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