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Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 18:31:45 AST 2006


Any Inn gurus about?  A old news server I'm looking into
has CNFS for article storage and ovdb as the overview
database method. With such a set up the storage needed
for news articles is static, but the overview database is not.

One of the cures is to wipe out the overview DB files
(Berkeley DB) and regenerate with ovdb_init or
makehistory.  We've done that and it freed up 2GB of
overview storage.  However it is growing every day and
threatens to fill the 8GB partition it lives in yet again.

I've posted on the newsgroup for nntp but not getting
anything solid to go by there.

'man ovdb' tells me this situation requires an infinite
size disk or collapsing and rebuilding the overview
once in awhile:

The ovdb database will take up more disk space for a given
spool than the other overview methods.  Plan on needing at
least 1.1 KB for every article in your spool (not counting
crossposts).  So, if you have 5 million articles, you'll
need at least 5.5 GB of disk space for ovdb.  With
BerkeleyDB 2.x, the db files are 'grow only'; the library
will not shrink them, even if data is removed.  So,
reserving extra space above the estimate is a good idea.

Its starting to look like a new disk (or server)
will have to be in the solution.

Any opinions, expertise or experience with ovdb?


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