[nslug]Problem booting Redhat AS2.1 server

Kevin MacDonald kmacdonald at herald.ca
Tue Jun 27 19:36:14 ADT 2006

I'm having a problem booting our Oracle server running Redhat AS 2.1. I comes up complaining that the /u05 (/dev/sdd1) file systems has errors. Then I have to enter the root pass or Cntrl-d to boot. 
At this point I run e2fsck /dev/sdd1 and it reports everything is okay. I can also do a mount -a and mount everything successfully in the fstab. This particular slice (/u05) along with some other Oracle Partitions are on a FastTStorage array
I can "ls" the /u05 and looks fine. When I boot it comes up with the same problems about "/u05 contaqins a file system with errors"
/u05 Inodes thtat were part of a corrupted orphan linked list found"
Any ideas? Is there any way to boot without doing a file system check? If I could, I could just mount them later when the system comes up. 
I also commented the /u05 out of the fstab file but it still does a file system check on that slice at boot.
thanks for any help,

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