[nSLUG] Re: pet peeves

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Tue Jun 27 16:25:24 ADT 2006

> How you can say the above about navigation and still say you love
> emacs is beyond me. I despise emacs and its info offshoot. Having to
> learn all of those keyboard navigation shortcuts is only for people
> who have time to waste learning them instead of getting on with
> writing their code or whatever.

Um, they're not "shortcuts", they're, well, *it*. :-)

Nevertheless, my feeling about emacs was just the same as yours for
the first two weeks of use.  I moved directly from CP/M & Wordstar to
a shop using Unix & Emacs.  But once I had read the printed manual
through, I began to come around.

> By contrast, vi is simple to learn and...

In response to my overuse of a certain cliche, a friend once gave me for
my birthday a ten foot pole for not touching things with.  I still
have it and will not touch the emacs/vi bunfight with it.  You're
welcome to vi  and I think no less of you for your preference.  :-)

> Having to read a printed manual cover-to-cover in order to learn how
> to use a text editor *really sucks*.

Well, yeah.  Except it's a mail client, news client, file manager,
shell buffer and extensive other stuff, all mostly using the same
silly keystrokes learned for the editor.  And (if (want you)((add can)
you) ((stuff new) "Your own")) with elisp.  Of course, that all makes
it an elephantine glom of code and, yes, a learning hurdle rather high
for leaping from a standing start.

- Mike

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