[nSLUG] Recommendation for a graphical system monitor.

Stephanie Mayfield stephanie.m.mayfield at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 15:33:17 ADT 2006

My boss is interested in seeing a graphical representation of the usage of
the system resources on several *nix machines (RH enterprise 4 and CentOS
4.x).  I'm thinking mostly CPU and IO, but the more information we can get
(in one place) the better.  Ideally it would span back a day or more so we
can review.

I'll summarize the business cases we want to use this monitoring tool to
solve in case there are additional suggestions :)
- When do we upgrade server x because it is no longer handling the load we
wish to put on it.
- Is server x suffering while server y is twiddling thumbs? (ie distribution
of load across multiple machines)
- Are there activity times on server x which are overloaded where
re-scheduling is possible?

The majority of the load consists of ftping files, mostly incoming although
some are outgoing as well.  Therefore I expect that I/O will be the main
point of interest.

Anyone have any recommendations?  (Simple terms please - *nix newb here :)


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