[nSLUG] Re: Moving to Halifax

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Fri Jun 9 23:53:39 ADT 2006

George> Years ago there was a unix group affiliated with Uniforum...

Yeah, I went to a couple of those meetings, circa 1991.  I had just
gotten access to Unix in '89 and was keen to learn more.  But then, I
had other reasons to be spending time in Halifax then.

George> It takes a critical mass of interested people to be able to
George> hold regular meetings and the linux/open source community in
George> NS hasn't been quite large enough,....

Or perhaps too scattered (if not both).  I'm an hour and a half out of
Halifax, not counting time looking for a parking space.  I gather
others are in the Valley, around Antigonish, near the NB border or on
Cape Breton.  I think the last meeting had 6 in attendance, counting
me and my stuffed penguin. :-) (Good coffee, though.)

I belong to the Maritime Blacksmiths, who are also very widely
scattered.  There's maybe half a dozen meets a year, attendance from,
oh, say, 6 to 30.  But there are always "toys" -- anvils, forges,
power hammers -- usually in a very informal venue, e.g. a member's
forge shop.  Show & Tell works better than with Linux (a life-sized
iron eagle upstages a new distro or a clever shell script any day) and
so do demos (two or three guys with 12# hammers trying to turn 50
pounds of red-hot iron into a work of art or a ship fitting holds your
attention even if they fail).

Am I the *only* NSLUG guy who's a Linux {desk,lap}top user who is
without a job in IT?  I slog through numerous problems getting old but
quite usable hardware from the $CHEAPO bin -- scanners, printer,
cameras, $WHATEVER cards -- to do useful stuff because I don't have a
budget for new boxen or the latest Gee Whiz gadgets.  I can do a
moderately awesome demo for the blacksmiths but I don't suppose I
could do anything to impress IT pros beyond perhaps 90 seconds of awe
that my incredible snarl of old hardware -- 4 desktops, two laptops,
wireless router and peripherals -- actually all works.

- Mike

Michael Spencer                  Nova Scotia, Canada       .~. 
mspencer at tallships.ca                                     /( )\
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