[nSLUG] Moving to Halifax

Oliver Doepner o.doepner at web.de
Fri Jun 9 14:44:13 ADT 2006

Hi Dalin,

first of all welcome in Halifax! I have only recently come here, too. I 
live with my Canadian girlfriend now and will stay at least until 
October. I'm German and have been working for a Linux/Java shop in the 
last few years.

I sent a similar email to the list introducing myself just like you did. 
I also asked about meetings and was told that there are sometimes 

Just a week ago I met a couple of nsLUG guys at the CEOS (Conference on 
Engaging in Open Source) at Dalhousie University here in Halifax.

There was an installfest and geek beer last Friday night as part of the 
conference. Unfortunately I couldn't be there at Friday night but I 
guess the others had a good time. :)

I thought of going to a pub sometime and have a chat. Anyone interested?


Dalin Laqua schrieb:
> Thanks for the excellent feedback, I appreciate it.  Another question 
> though, I understand that nSLUG doesn't hold any regular meetings and I 
> was curious as to why?  Has it been tried before, not enough 
> participation, etc...  I only ask because the Calgary LUG has been quite 
> active with monthly meetings and regular events.



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