[nSLUG] Moving to Halifax

Jeff Warnica jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com
Thu Jun 8 20:45:28 ADT 2006

I believe your talking about Chebucto Community Net, which has about as
much to do with Dalhousie as the FSF has to do with MIT. Anyway, as I
recall the AGM/wifi announcement, the zero-cost-zone is for local
traffic, with "local" being defined by routing, which is defined by
politics, and only has a superficial reflection on geography. The price
for the everywhere service is the same as the Chebucto Plus (56K PPP)
connection: $100/year. The advantage of getting a repeater is that there
would be a repeater near you. As for speed, unladen swallows can be
fairly fast, too. The question is what will happen once/if it gets
beyond proof of concept, with real customers and real load. CCN is
pretty lean on staffing, if this gets to critical mass they would
definitely need more paid staff. With paid staff, and both technical an
political management structure, it would be tough for anyone to so much
as keep an entry in RADIUS's database for $4/month.

On Thu, 2006-06-08 at 19:40 -0300, Rich wrote:
> >From the local user group, DalHousie is setting up a Mesh net, and are
> looking for people to house repeaters. Mostly Linux boxes that tie into
> the free Wifi.  The free internet is only local to Halifax, the premium
> service is $10/month, which connects to the world.  The repeater
> requires a $150 deposit, you get it back when you return the equipment.
> The agreement is to keep it running 24/7, for doing so, they give you a
> break on the monthly cost, $4/month unlimited speed (no caps).  I don't
> know what the speeds are.  Guys at the group were telling me its freakin
> fast!  So..  I'm going to find out more about it at the next meeting.  I
> think I have the correct prices.  Sure beats paying $38/month for capped
> speed.
> I'll see if I can locate the email if your interested.


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