[nSLUG] unix + subversion - setup issues

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Mon Jun 5 14:50:08 ADT 2006

On Mon, 2006-06-05 at 11:51 -0300, Stephanie Mayfield wrote:
> Short history. We had subversion running successfully on this red hat
> machine however it was using the BDB and it got corrupted.  So I
> recreated the repository using the FSFS backend instead. Now the
> repository is up and working, however it isn't accessable from
> external machines.  I can do an svn list using a file reference which
> works but the same command doesn't work using the URL. 
> - I have the apache user owning the entire repository with full
> rights.  
> - Apache is running as the apache user.
> - The repository is temporarily unrestricted until I get this issue
> sorted out so I know it isn't a password or subversion setup issue. 
> - The web reference is /repos.  The URL I'm using is /repos.  None of
> this changed from the previously working version.  I can't see it
> being the apache setup as this did work before.
> I've been googling and reading the subversion documentation for 3
> days.  I have no clue what is wrong at this point and I'm not very
> familar with unix.  My best guess is some sort of protection issue?
> Groups?  I really don't know.  
Check your umask settings - look at this site:

I haven't worked with subversion, our company uses Continuus and now
Perforce.  This looks good for an open source version.  I'm gonna check
it out.


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