[nSLUG] Re: reinstall not going so smoothly

Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Mon Jun 5 12:50:24 ADT 2006

On Mon, Jun 05, 2006 at 12:17:38PM -0300, ricardd at mathstat.dal.ca wrote:
> No, it's 5.10. I thought that I could install and then upgrade. I'll get
> the latest iso this afternoon.
> I'm reinstalling over existing partitions.

That may be part of the problem. In theory it should just work. In my
experience upgradeing or reinstalling often results in subtle little
bugs. Many times the installer tries to be helpfull and dosen't
overwrite config files. 

In your case because your system was compromised you should re-format
all the filesystems. A smart attacker could easily compromise
everything including home. You would be suprised at the number of
places where executables could be placed to run the next time you
reboot or log in. There are many different data files that can
actually be executables or cause executables to run. When restoring
data from backups you need to check to insure that data is clean.

I know it's a tough pill to swallow. I have had the argument with
many sysadmins who have tried to recover from compromises on the
cheap. To quote a movie: "Nuke the place from orbit. It's the only
way to be sure."



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