[nSLUG] dd-wrt

Eric J Russell 050173r at acadiau.ca
Thu Jul 27 19:17:21 ADT 2006

I am running the latest dd-wrt on my WRT54G. I would like to put in my 
two cents for those considering this firmware since I have seen it 
talked about a little bit. I have found it to be very good. Essentially 
it just adds more features and control to the standard firmware, some of 
which are useful. Remember to reboot the router from the webgui after 
setting what you want, some stuff requires this to take hold. Some of 
the help files in the webgui are a little dated or incomplete, but it's 
no big deal. Overall, it explains things a lot better than the Linksys 
firmware does. I tweaked a few settings confidently without worrying 
about messing things up, because the help let me know what I was getting 
myself into.

I looked at the features offered on the other firmwares, dd-wrt seems to 
be the best, although i'm sure the others have their uses and could be 
very solid firmwares...ymmv



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