[nSLUG] Linux firmware for Linksys WRT54GL

Tim timothy at fabrysociety.org
Wed Jul 26 16:03:29 ADT 2006

Quoting Paul <wes902 at gmail.com>:

> > One thing I need in particular is static DHCP:
> > http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Static_DHCP
> >
> > I'm considering DD-WRT (www.dd-wrt.com) but I don't want to mess up my
> > router or otherwise spend too much time on that project.
> >
> > Has anyone tried that firmware or comparable alternatives?
> DD-WRT (you already covered it)
> Sveasoft http://www.sveasoft.com
> OpenWRT http://www.openwrt.net
> (Note all of them are covered at
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WRT54G#Third-party_firmware_projects )
> Some notes. It is possible to corrupt your flash with one leaving the
> system unbootable and you WILL void your warranty by flashing it.
>   I run OpenWRT on 5 - 6 WRT54GL's and highly recommend it if you have
> some time(If you just want to set some static IP's and forwards its
> very quick) to set it up and configure it.

Hi Oliver. I also have been using OpenWRT on a few Linksys routers. I have one
V5 router that I installed openwrt on, but it doesn't have many abilities. I
compiled my own firmware for the device and tried to add two small packages,
but it just didn't have enough ram to run it. On the otherhand, the v3&V4
WRT54G's and GSes run excellent with OpenWrt (the WRT54GL, as you probably
know, is just a WRT54G V4). I've reverted to DD-Wrt on the V5, and it runs
quite stable, and has a very nice webgui. Just make sure you set boot_wait to
on and commit the changes to nvram right after the first flash. Then at least
you can reflash if you brick it down the road.



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