[nSLUG] No CPU use stat from ps running bind in chroot

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Tue Jul 25 15:36:48 ADT 2006

On Tue, 2006-07-25 at 10:53 -0400, Crawford, Andrew (IT) wrote:
> Try stracing the ps in the chroot environment and note any file accesses. Other than that, I wonder if there's a difference in your chrooted execution environment in terms of libraries etc. In any case comparing all file opens in strace in regular vs chroot should shed light.

I was thinking the same thing - how was named compiled on both machines?
static or shared libs?  How close are the machines - installed from same
distribution? Were any patches applied to one and not the other?

Is anything else grabbing cycles on the slower machine?


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