[nSLUG] Linux, HDLC and a traffic variable message sign

Scott Syms scottsyms at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 08:59:22 ADT 2006

Hi, folks-

I'm stumped with an interface issue and hoped to draw on the awesome
collected wisdom of the group.

I'm trying to talk to a variable message sign that uses NTCIP, a protocol
that leverages HDLC and SNMP developed as a standard to interface to traffic
field devices.

My first inclination was to attempt a synchonous PPP connection, but nada.
I looked at IPPP, which seemed to indicate that you could use a standard
serial port as a device, but it complained that there was no ippp0 device.

I'm assuming that since I'm connected to the sign on the serial interface,
it should just be a matter of creating a PPP-like interface and assigning
IP's to the remote/local ends of the interface.  Then I talk to the remote
interface with the vendor-supplied MIB.

The sign vendor supplies a windows gui control program written in .NET (I
can't get the source) so I know that the protocol works under regular serial

Any ideas?


Scott Syms

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