[nSLUG] php troubleshooting and weblog software

Grant Robertson me at grantrobertson.com
Mon Jul 24 22:56:52 ADT 2006

I've seen the replies but, no one has addressed your issues with sql
free blogging..

In short, mysql isn't overkill.. it will make your life exponentially
easier. Install mysql, and use Wordpress (which is incredibly easy to
install, and very well documented) and you'll have a fairly
bulletproof blogging system for multiple users that will allow you to
focus on research and posting, rather than maintaining a less well
known and supported system.

BTW, I grew up in Nashville, and went to elementary school right
across the street from the main Vanderbilt quad, at USN. I've even
DJ'ed at WRVU! Go Commodores!


On 7/24/06, Vikram Chhatre <crypticlineage at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I have a couple of questions, but some background info before that.  I
> currently run a simple html website for the research lab I work at.  It
> lets us update results of experiments on a daily/weekly basis so that my
> boss can see it from home and when he's out of town.  So far, simple
> handwritten html has served our needs, but now I would like to
> incorporate a blog for myself and a couple more users so that we can
> keep a detailed record of progress made for future reviews.  Most of the
> blogging applications I found on Sourceforge need php and mysql which
> would be an overkill, particularly mysql.
> My first question is:  Do you know of any blogging application that does
> not use php/mysql and is simple of install and use?  I would like to be
> able to edit / format blogs, add pictures, in short html blogs.
> I found one application that required only php, but unfortunately the
> php installation on my Slack10.2 box is not working, which brings me to
> my second question.  I have following package installed:
> /var/log/packages
> php-apache2-5.0.4-i486-1spi
> The apache part works fine, but php doesn't.  If /usr/bin/php is
> executed, following error is returned:
> error while loading shared libraries: libt1.so.5: cannot open shared
> object file: No such file or directory.
> I searched on linuxpackages.net but could not find libt1.so.5.  Any ideas?
> Thank you.
> Vikram Chhatre
> Vanderbilt University
> Nashville, TN
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